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The answer is: Because they are highly skilled and very passionate about what they do!

The many benefits of having your own virtual team assigned to you and working on your day to day projects is numerous.

I will try and summarize the benefits of integrating a new virtual employee into your existing team base as such.

  • You Access a Highly educated and dedicated work force
  • Flexible work agreements (scalable to your business)
  • You staff work from a purpose built office (full in house support and corporate facilities)
  • We specialize in interiors –and have a global footprint, that’s all we do!
  • NO upfront costs, recruitment fees, training costs, overhead cost, Holiday pay, taxes
  • Expand your team as and when needed, we do all the training for you
  • Your staff work when you work
  • Excellent communication ability, you talk direct to your staff
  • Train your staff to your exact needs – we assist and support your team
  • Receive 1 weekly invoice/billing. No taxes or associated costs
  • Up to 70% cheaper than your current costs

I hope I have peaked your interest and please contact me on how we can provide you a dedicated architect for 1 week FREE as a trial period.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me at info@archetypejoinery.comto know more about our service and our exciting offers.

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